The Spice Plan has hundreds of delicious recipes designed to suit your particular life-style. Once you join the plan and set up a profile, your recipes are automatically sorted to bring the best to the top. The most popular categories are always on the left bar, and you can find anything using the Search button at the top of the page, but there are many more to drool over!

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Appetizers: Just the thing to start your meal, these are exotic, flavorful bites.

Salads: Yeah, you know you should be eating more salads. These are particulary scrumptuous recipes.

Main Dishes: These are all selected to be tasty and healthy. Depending on your profile, they can be good for your weight, your heart -- or your lovelife!

Side Dishes: Delicous side dishes to round out the meal.

Desserts: Okay, you deserve an occasional treat. Indulge yourself with these healthy after-dinner yummies.

Soups: Great on a cold wintry day or just everyday lunch.

Beverages: Tired of soda? Try these for quenching that thirst.

Spreads: Try some exotic spreads to lather on your toast or veggies.

Breads: Man does not live by bread alone, but these are very appealing doughs.

Condiments: You'll relish the tasty mixes here for meats and veggies.

Dressings: When you've had it with the Italian dressing, give these a whirl.

Sauces: Kick it up several notches with these inspired sauces.

Spice Mixes: Well, this is kind of the point of this whole site, isn't it?

Basics: Try your hand at some basic cookery.