Privacy Policy

The Spice Plan Privacy Policy: The Spice Plan respects your privacy. Any information we collect about you is completely confidential. The Spice Plan will not share, rent or sell any of the information you enter here.

The information we request is for your benefit only. There are three main pieces of personal information that we collect, and only the email address is mandatory:

EMAIL: We use your email address to send you newsletters and offers, but ONLY if you specifically state that you wish to receive such information. You may opt out of these email offers at any time. We do not sell, rent or otherwise provide your email address to any third parties. Since our service is free, we must limit the server space to unique visitors. We use your email address to prevent redundant usage.

ZIP: We use your zip code to determine which stores and fresh-food farms are in your area. This information is entirely optional, but it can help you to save money and get the freshest possible produce.

HEALTH ISSUES: This data is used to retrieve those recipes that are most applicable to your situation, so be sure to check every box that applies. It does not imply that you have any specific condition, but may simply represent your desire to avoid specific health issues. This information will never be sold, rented or otherwise used by any third party whatsoever.