Spice Plan Features

Cooking Articles: Need some beginner's advice about cooking techniques or simple recipes? If you're new to cooking, it can seem impossibly complicated. Actually, there are just a few tricks of the trade that can help you cook like a master. Or at least look like a master. This is the place to start.

Book Reviews: We review books with classic and modern recipes, as well as the history and science of cooking. There's a lot to read and much of it is regurgitated or just wrong. These reviews will set you off in the right direction.

Kitchen Goodies: When it comes to stuff for the kitchen, it seems to never end. How many ways can there really be to slice an onion? We buy this stuff (we don't take manufacturer's "gifts") and test it in our own kitchens. Find out what really works before you spend a dime.

Notch by Notch: Trying to lose weight? Check out this humorous column that follows the trials and tribulations of one man's attempt to shed some excess baggage (requires registration).