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Candyce Anderson

The Spice Plan Goes Beta

Hudson, Ohio -- October 26, 2009

The Spice Plan, a community recipe site, announced today that it has launched the beta version of its site. The site is now open to beta testers around the country who will bang on it until it is solid enough for a first public release.

The Spice Plan has been called the Facebook of Recipe Sites, beause it offers its users a unique customized experience where they can share recipes with friends and family around the world. It is easy to add grandma's old recipes to custom cookbook, or choose from the thousands of recipes available from the Spice Plan database. The Spice Plan uses your personal profile to serve up dishes that are appropriate to any health concerns you or your family may have. If you want to serve up heart-healthy fare, click the appropriate box and save it in your personal and private profile. From that point on, the program will sort cardiac-friendly fare to the top of the list.

The program makes automatic substition suggestions for all its recipes, including the ones you enter yourself, so you can enjoy your meal even if your refrigerator (or the store) is out of an ingredient.

The Spice Plan is scheduled to go public on December 1, 2009. Stay tuned for more details.


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