Spice Plan Help

Frequently Asked Questions:

I joined the Spice Plan. Now what?

First of all, congratulations! You will soon have a cookbook all of your own that you can customize and fit to your own lifestyle. Here is how you can create your own look and feel:

First, make sure you're logged on, then click My Profile (on the left bar) to write your introductions and set up your lifestyle goals, like losing weight or protecting your heart.

Click on My Graphics (again on the left bar) to add your portrait, set a new font or change colors and graphics.

Then visit the main Spice Plan site to find yummy recipes. When you find one you like, click the button below the recipe labeled Add to my Cookbook. This recipe will be added to your cookbook.

Want to make changes to the recipe? Just scroll down and click the Edit this Recipe button. A new screen opens, allowing you to add ingredients or otherwise customize the recipe. When you've created your masterpiece, press the Save button.

Now invite your friends to admire your cookbook! Click My Group (on the left bar) and enter the email addresses of your fellow foodies. Now get cooking!