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What can you do with your own Spice Plan?

Lose weight. Turns out, some common spices may actually help you burn fat. Good spices will encourage you to savor your food, taking longer to eat. Hey... that's a classic dieting trick! Here's the deal: you may have to eat less on a diet. Don't make those smaller portions bland, or you won't stick with it.

Gain weight. This looks stupid next to the previous point, but as you age, you lose some of your tastebuds. You can get dangerously thin if your food isn't appealing. Spice can dramatically enhance your appetite -- in more ways than one. Bold is the antidote for old.

Get Healthy. Scientists are testing the health claims for various spices, and are finding that many of those ancient assertions are true. Spices can lower your blood pressure, soothe your arthritis, manage your blood sugar -- even keep you sane (or at least saner; your mileage may vary). Create your own Spice Plan to address some of these nasty maladies. Spices can be beneficial, natural and delicious additions to your regular health care.

Bliss out! Forget all the above -- just go for the taste! Try some killer curries, juicy Jamaican jerks and mouth-watering Mexican moles and change your life for good. Will you turn into a spice-junky? Maybe, but this is one of those rare things in life that are both good and good for you. How can you lose?